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Leah Fenimore, LMT

"I have been Leah's client for over five years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of our sessions. Even though my work schedule is busy, I am always happier and more productive when I make the time to schedule a session. I walk into my appointments carrying all my anxieties in my neck, shoulders, and lower back, and I leave feeling light and unburdened. Leah is professional, considerate, and attentive to all your body's needs and concerns. It is always a pleasure to visit her."

-Jen G.


“I began going to Leah a few years ago, when my doctor recommended trying massage to relieve the pain of migraine headaches. I suffered from them often, for years, and nothing was helping any more. Massage was a miracle for my headaches! Every time I went to Leah, I would leave migraine-free, or relieved of pain that was lingering from a recent migraine. My migraines caused pain all throughout my neck and shoulders, and Leah would focus on those areas for me, and left me feeling great! Luckily, last year, I finally found the cure for my migraines. I still see Leah once a month, to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. I have and would recommend Leah and her healing hands to anyone seeking an experienced, kind and funny masseuse.”

--Angie B.  


"I have been getting massages from Leah for several years . She is always
very professional and inquires about my health and any issues I maybe
having before she begins the massage. I prefer a deep tissue massage
and Leah does a great job. I have had a few issues with different joints
and muscles due to exercise and the massage sessions always help to
alleviate the pain. The sessions always end too soon!"

--Anne M.

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